Medieval & English Civil War Experience
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With Ned (Young Ned) & Judith Carlewe and Colonell Granville Thomas with Judith Carlewe
17th Century
Back Into The Past
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Who are we ?
Two people who have over 30 years experience of presenting Historical talks to schools.
Plus many years as re-enactors.
What do you really get ?
Look at the sessions shown and choose what you want for your school. We can change  the contents if required.
What the children
see and do
Colonell Granville  Thomas & Mistress Judith Thomas
Present a 17th Century Visit
Arriving in costume and character and remaining so
throughout the visit.
In this modern world of education our visit fulfils the requirements of the curriculum and cost restraints.
What We Offer
The English Civil War
What Really Happened
The Problem:
Money for an Army, Religion, The Bishops Wars

The Issues:
Disaster, Raise The Taxes, Divine Right
Recalling Parliament

Attempted Arrest:
The 6 Members, Leaving London, And so to War

War without an Enemy:
Letter written by Sir William Waller to Sir Ralph Hopton
Division of the Kingdom:
Choosing Sides, The Three Choices

Weapons Development:
Art Militaire;

Firing Demonstration:
Cannon & Musket Firing, Cromwell our Chief of Men

Handling The Collection:
Dressing Up, What's it really like to be in Battle
Handling the Weapons and Atefacts
Questions and Answers

Civilian Life
Money, Games, Education

Food and Drink
Tasting Food and Drink
How do we do this
Using volunteers and with some humour, the children are led through the sessions, giving them a feel of how it really was over 360 years ago.
This add-on under development