Medieval & English Civil War Experience
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With Ned (Young Ned) & Judith Carlewe
Colonell Granville Thomas with Mistress Judith Thomas
14th - 15th Century
Back Into The Past
Ned Carlewe (Young Ned):  & his wife Judith Carlewe
A Medieval Experience, arriving in costume and character remaining so throughout the visit.
In this modern world of education our visit fulfils the requirments of the curriculum and cost restraints.  Our day starts with the initial visual contact of Young Ned and his wife in front of our many stands and exhibits.  The children are introduced to the life and times of Medieval England, not only the military side but the social and religious life of the times.  They are encouraged to take part in the days experience and ask questions on not only what we talk about but also what they can see in our displays.
What We Offer
The following sessions are Interchangeable and we can usualy fit any subject Into our day
Weapons Development
Food and Drink
Questions and Answer Session
Firing Demonstration
Dressing Up
Medieval Play
Further Recommeded Sessons

The Black Death
Peasant Life
Entertainment and Games
Walk through of a Battle
War in France
The Following can be added to or interchanged with the above

Castle Development
Importance of Religion
Wars of the Roses
Changes in Monarchy
His Lordships Household
Arming up a Knight
Questions and Answers
During this session the children ask questions and then told to come out and point to the item they want to know about, they then get their answer this encourages more questions thus giving them a feel of how life really was over 550 years ago.
Although the day has a cost element when it is compared with an external visit we are more economical.  There are no pupil transport costs. teachers and escort requirements are no higher than normal, e.g. one per class and pupils are not spending money or time in souvenir shops, and this is a hit with parents and teachers alike. 
By having 60-90 children per day we can cover a whole year group in one, two or three days or more depending on the size of the school.

The days talk starts as soon as morning registration ends and continues throughout the school day until the final bell goes.  Everything we have on display has a reason for being there and will have a story to go with it.